Sunday, November 4, 2018

5 ways to say ''Thank you'' to your customer

There are a lot of ways to say thank you to the customer and show them how we appreciate them a lot.maybe each of company has their own way to thanks their customer, here 5 ways to say ‘’thank you’’ to the customer.

Firstly is Just say thank you in person. While looking them in the eye and smiling. It does not cost anything to pay, and it could be the best thing the customer hears all day. Say thank you face to face. The most genuine way to express the appreciation is in person. If by called, say it nicely. it will make our customer more comfortable and feel that their self more appreciated.

Give discounts on your product or service to the customer. It is a simple rule of business loyal customers gets better deals. Just like a cosmetic product, they give a sample or free gift to their customer, you can give your best customers a discount on whatever it is you do. You might even want to thank all of your customers with a program like loyalty cards for a regular customer or a card as registration a by using a card, they will have a discount when they came again to buy our product or service.

You can also communicate the message through greeting cards, printed messages or other else. Leave a hand-written note. Whether a thank you card or a post-it note it is looked more personal, powerful and sure to be appreciated. Remember to be specific. Give hand-written thank you notes. In a world of technology with the simple messaging and email, a personal note shows how thoughtful you are. Mail it alone or include with an order. Send a holiday, celebration card such a Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year and so on. A simple greeting card or keep in touch with them lets your customers know you value them and look forward to doing business again.

Give gifts to do not to have to wait for holidays or birthdays give a present or gift to the customer. Reward loyal customers. This can be as simple as sending vouchers or offer some discount to your top customers at the end of the year. Give away branded products. Pick something practical or useful like pens or mugs with your company name and logo on it to help keep your business top of mind and the customer keeps remember your company. Give surprise rewards. Offer and give a random customer a discount, upgrade or free product and service. Unexpected kindness guarantees positive word of mouth for your business and it can make other people more knowledgeable about your company.

Deliver great customer service. Be polite, well mannered, engaged and willing to work with your client to solve any issues they have. Show to the customers you have listened and what they have been through. If you made changes and improvement after getting back the feedback from a customer, be sure to them know.

Why should you start to use CRM Software?

It more accessibility. By using CRM software now you easily can get your sale’ data from anywhere you are via any devices such as your PC at the office, your laptop at home and even your CRM mobiles apps when you are on the go. You can faster decision making.

Go paperless and go green, save the paper and to show that we support the campaign. With everything online, you’d use less paper and everything is within your reach through your laptop, computer and using a mobile phone.

Next is it will be easier to collaboration. It just not for the individual but make easier for your team and also external consultants and contractors to collaborate together and save more time from doing redundant works. Everyone will also be updated always to the latest information, wherever he or she.

Now everyone wants everything process automatic. By using CRM software, you can efficiently manage operations, monitor your sales and maintaining excellent customer service, thus gaining competitive advantages. The salesperson can prioritize their daily schedule and spend more time with the customers.

View all your customers’ interactions and transactions with historical data. Understand your customers’ needs and behavior, allowing you to identify the correct time to market your product to the customers.

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'' The Customer is Always Right ''

The misunderstandings between customers and management always happen. We as sellers should be more customer-focused. Giving everything needed to customers by fulfilling their wishes.

We always hear that about “customer always right” what if we change to “customer usually right”.It would be different. If we use always it might be the customer totally 100% right in the situation, but usually, it can be sometimes can be right and sometimes can be wrong. If construction customer is always right then this implies absolute obedience once it tough for your company to act like slaves who do not have the rights, dignity, or any dignity in front of his master.

Alias you must obey and serve all your customer requirements without giving any excuse. Just say yes and then meet all demands. That's it. If not then you could lose your job. More or less. Well, if the construction is changed to the customer is usually right then you are implicitly or explicitly as the company or customer service should also more intelligent your customers to respond to every complaint and take appropriate action or attitude as well. In other words, your attitudes or actions on the customer will be based on evidence plus a rational projection of future after customer complaints resolved.

I think a more prudent suggestion, especially for corporate leaders, managers, or anyone else who is often associated with the job duties to supervise the activities of the customer service personnel. Hypocrites also feel if on one hand you, for example as a corporate leader said, "Employees are our most important asset. They are the spearhead of the company ". But when the employees suffered the abuse of the customer, you are actually forcing them to swallow just outright abuse was the pretext companies do not want to lose customers.

5 ways to say ''Thank you'' to your customer

There are a lot of ways to say thank you to the customer and show them how we appreciate them a lot.maybe each of company has their own w...